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#ExchangeVolume (24h)Year EstablishedCountryChange (24h)
1$ 14,369,106,786.362017Cayman Islands0.00%
2$ 5,286,144,055.212013Belize5.00%
3$ 3,204,174,200.752019Cayman Islands10.00%
4$ 3,239,877,314.292012United States1.00%
5$ 2,542,262,942.472014Seychelles7.00%
6$ 1,854,624,168.812013Seychelles14.00%
7$ 1,221,274,125.930Hong Kong8.00%
8$ 1,664,096,222.522019Antigua and Barbuda13.00%
9$ 997,248,364.602011United States17.00%
10$ 981,313,999.412014British Virgin Islands35.00%

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